Mock Draft 1.0 (Day 2)

Round 2

Jalin Hyatt - WR - Tennessee

Jalin Hyatt High Points a Catch
Photo Cred: Bryan Lynn

    • 6" ft, 180 lbs, 40-time: 4.29 (unoffical)

In the event that Dallas is able to lock down one of the top corners in the first round - Joey Porter Jr or Cam Smith - wide receiver will be the next target on the Cowboys immediate needs. My top target for them in this round would be: Jalin Hyatt.

Of course, everyone remembers his five touchdown performance against Alabama in what turned into the game of the year this past season. Hyatt carved up some of the best DBs - and future 1st round draft picks - on his way in helping the Volunteers overcome their SEC rivals. Hyatt, much like Addison, offers the ability to spread the field and provide another weapon in this high powered offensive attack. Hyatt has blazing speed and can get by his defenders with ease, easily tracks the ball and is quick out of the block. This in mind, his route tree is extremely limited; this would be a massive area of improvement. While Hyatt excelled this year, this was through a single season performance where he earned All-America honors and earned the Blitenikoff award which has elevated his draft stock. We hope that he continues this massive improvement.

Trenton Simpson - LB - Clemson

Photo Credit: Ken Ruinard

    • 6'3" ft, 240 lbs, 40-time: 4.39 (unoffical)

My next candidate for consideration is Trenton Simpson. Simpson ranks as the best linebacker in this class and is easily one of the best overall athletes available at this point in the 1st round. Simpson has drawn comparison to the likes of Isaiah Simmons and Micah Parsons, where he's shown similar skill set and drive to the former as he's a true linebacker that can get after the quarterback on every down.

With both Anthony Barr and Leighton Vander Esch being free agents this offseason, Simpson seems like a great candidate to replace them in the event they are unable to reach a deal. While Damone Clark will be set to take more snaps, adding Simpson on a Dallas team that loves to rush the quarterback probably has Quinn with hearts in his eyes. As noted, Simpson plays similarly to Parsons meaning that Parsons wouldn't always have to be counted on in pass rush. Simpson versatility rivals Parsons as he, too, can drop into coverage, split out and take on a slot corner and defend the run. 

Simpson certainly has room to improve just like any other prospect. Given his naturally instinctive ability to single out the ball carrier, occasionally, he gets caught over-pursuing and due to his incredible speed has to change direction abruptly. Parsons is the right man to help Simpson development into a fellow All-Pro Linebacker and makes this a match made in heaven, if the cards are right.

Parker Washington - WR - Penn St

Parker Washington makes contested catch
Photo Cred: Ryan Bowman

    • 5'11" ft, 215 lbs, 40-time: 4.49 (unoffical)

You may begin to see a trend towards the receivers I expect Dallas to target as we take a look at Parker Washington out of Penn St. Washington you may remember hearing his name when he and ('22 1st rounder) Jahan Dotson were lighting defenses up every Saturday.

Washington quietly emerged as one of the top 10 wide receivers this past season. Washington possesses the ability to beat defenders from scrimmage, has the knack of getting open and finding space and has surefire hands to come down with the football. He can be seen as a bit arrogant or cocky given that he's confident he'll come down with the ball, he hasn't improved his separation skills. A big area of improvement he should grind on in the offseason as this was a pain point for Dallas receivers this year. As the third receiver listed in the pecking order for the Cowboys to target; this rounds out what could be a potential steal for Dallas in either round. With getting a true 2nd cornerback; it seems all but confirmed that either Hyatt or Washington will be suiting up for Dallas next season. 

Jack Campbell - LB - Iowa

Jack Campbell makes a tackle
Photo Credit: Charlie Neibergall

    • 6'5" ft, 246 lbs, 40-time: 4.70 (unoffical)  Bench Press: N/A
Jack Campbell finds himself - possibly - with a star on his helmet after an incredible 2022 campaign. In 2022, he received the Butkus Award - nation's top linebacker - as well the William Campbell Trophy, voted as Nagurski-Woodson DPOY and Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year and was an unanimous All-American. As you can see; pretty stellar performance from Campbell.  As noted the Cowboys will be in the market for a linebacker as they could potentially lose both of their FA linebackers to other suitors. Campbell does bring in similar qualities as the formers. He's lights out against the run as he excels in sideline-to-sideline tackling, he can bring people down in space and in one-on-one situations and he's developed great footwork to put his foot in the ground and drive upfield on blitzes. At first glance, he reminds me of LVE when he was being scouted as well. Campbell like LVE may struggle in coverage as he'll be tasked with covering Tight ends and running backs that will be faster than him, he does possess the intangibles that can help him develop into a decent pass defender.  
Round 3

Moro Ojomo - DT/DI - Texas

Moro Ojomo takes down DJ Giddens
Photo Cred: Reed Hoffman

    • 6'3" ft, 293 lbs, 40-time: 4.98 (unoffical) Bench Press: TBD

By now, the Cowboys should have addressed their two biggest needs in WR and Corner. If not, then they got one of the two plus a stud linebacker. In any case, as we move further in the draft the cream of the crop begins to thin. The next biggest need would be potentially OL or DI/DT. At this point in the draft, since there's a significant drop off in talent with the offensive line so we pan over to the defensive line. In some circles, Ojomo makes it to the Cowboys at this pick.

Ojomo brings a potential 3-down DT that knows how to plug holes, has a high motor, physically overwhelming and great reaction time. He excels at stopping the run, which is a high point of focus for the Dallas team. However, there are some questions about his ability to rush the passer due to his limited skills and techniques in rushing the passer. This can easily be coached with some of the best pass rushers in the game on the same defense.

Jaquelin Roy - DT/DI - Florida

Jaqueline Roy making a tackle
Photo Cred: Josh Auzenne
    • 6'4" ft, 315 lbs, 40-time: 4.99 (unoffical) Bench: TBD

Sticking with DI; my next option would be Jaquelin Roy. In my opinion, I do like Roy's measurables a bit more than Ojomo and that he played in the SEC which is slowly turning into "NFL-Lite". Additionally, Roy is far more likely to fall to Dallas at this spot than Ojomo.

Roy is a naturally strong player as he can move blockers around shifting the pocket to his desire. This should be noted, as typically, Roy is able to beat blockers off the snap and disrupt plays quickly. Roy should mesh well with this defense as they love to run a variety of different packages and linemen at various times. Roy doesn't quite have 3-down DI prospective, but in this type of defense this won't be an issue.  Like Ojomo, Roy could use lots of fine tuning when it comes to defensive technique and pass rushing as he is a bit inconsistent on his pressure. In this defense though, it's very possible that Roy could develop these techniques quickly as the supporting cast around him has no problem when it comes to pressuring the quarterback.

Drew Sanders - LB - Arkansas

Drew Sanders snags an interception
Photo Credit: Ted McClenning
    • 6'5" ft, 232 lbs, 40-time: 4.53 (unoffical) Bench Press: 425 (max)
Here's a guy that Jerry Jones may grab just because he's at his alma mater. Everyone knows how enamored JJ can be with Arkansas players. Fortunately, Drew Sanders is the real deal. He's a former 5 star recruit from Alabama as an edge rusher who transfer to Arkansas and changed position to Middle Linebacker. In the event the Cowboys decide to go WR/CB and hoping to land a defensive presence  look no further than Drew Sanders.  It should come as no surprise that the Sanders excels at rushing the passer given his position history. Much like All-Pro Hybrid LB Micah Parsons, Sanders can play LB, but can excel on the edge as well. He does possess the ability to be a sideline-to-sideline rush defender - similar to LVE - however, he hasn't quite developed this technique yet. That said, he doesn't shy away from collisions and has an explosive first step and can hit the hole so quick it looks like he was shot out of a cannon. One slight deterrent would be his more slender frame for players at his position as he only tips the scales at 232lbs. He still has decent size, but given the amount of contact he'll get at the next level; it'd be best for him to put on a few more pounds. He's still going to be an excellent pickup if Dallas decides to pull the trigger.  
Final Picks:

For Round 2, I think that the Cowboys will salivate at the option of having 2 hyper athletic Linebacker/Rushers and take Trenton Simpson. This route will be of least resistance as they won't have to wait until Round 1 to determine where they go. IE: if they wanted to go: CB then WR or WR then CB. There are scenarios where the Cowboys will have Boutte here, however, like JSN I don't see Boutte falling this far. 

For Round 3, this will be another defensive selection and the Cowboys will boost their defensive front with Jaquelin Roy. Out of Roy and Ojomo, Roy is likely to be the player available in this round. Roy should provide immediate impact in helping bolstering Dallas' weak stomach.